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Welcome to ETYP Marketing, specialists in digital marketing, social media management and end-to-end marketing consultancy. Our marketing experts build bespoke digital strategies that revolve around generating increased revenue for your business.

With 71% of buying decisions being made from social media recommendations, it is without doubt online platforms are revolutionising the way we shop today and is no shock that online advertising is now the most effective sales and marketing tool.


Elevating your social media presence and engagement to the next level, expanding your businesses customer base and increasing revenue streams.. ETYP’s Social Media Services promote your business on all relevant platforms, coupled with social media consultancy for you and your business.


Designing visually and functionally industry leading websites which are supported by powerful content management systems and connect with customers. ETYP develop digital experiences that excite and inspire, with every website acting as the main window into your business for potential customers and clients.


Your businesses future depends on your ability to adapt and operate in a digital space with confidence. ETYP training consultancy method ensures your team fully understand the why, but also what, how and when campaigns should be shaped and delivered for maximum results.

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