Event Consultancy

Nothing beats creating memorable events.

We have a passion for planning and creating events that create a buzz around your business. A successful event can act as a powerful platform to create conversations around your product or service from your target audience, exposing them to the best of your brand as a result of your event showcase. Here at ETYP Marketing, we create a full event schedule, from pre to post event, alongside end to end event consultancy using our years of experience of event management across a range of industries to ensure your event is one to remember.

Maximise your event lifespan

The planning process is at the forefront in all of our event consultancy projects. Maximising your event lifespan is a great way to increase interest around your business – we take the time to identify the viral aspects of any potential event that will get your event on the tips of everyone’s tongues. 

We consult on the three aspects of any event project we are involved in:

  1. Pre Event (How can we help maximise the buzz around the event and get our target audience talking about it?)
  2. Event Day (What can be done to ensure optimal interaction from attendees to your event in person, as well as those participating or viewing online or via social media?)
  3. Post Event (We ensure the buzz and conversation around your event carries on for weeks to come following the event, through the production of quality content that keeps attendees eager for more.)

Our aim in all of our event consultancy projects is to maximise your event exposure and buzz while at the same time creating strong new customers and brand advocates as a result of a successful event.

Contact one of the ETYP team to begin building and shaping an event around your business that everyone will take note of.