Marketing Consultancy

Our aim at ETYP Marketing is to position your business above its competitors and become frontrunners in its industry.

Going beyond just your online marketing strategies helps ETYP Marketing create a business that generates increased revenues while building a loyal brand community.

What does our marketing consultancy include?

  • Consultancy and analysis on your current online marketing strategy.
  • Insight and advice using previous customer feedback and brand research to help increase customer retention.
  • Discussing your current CRM and data capture methods to ensure effective re-marketing.
  • Evaluating current branding and physical advertising surrounding your business.
  • Education on key marketing strategies and concepts to provide long term support to business owners.

Social Media for Business

Very few businesses utilise social media properly to showcase their business in the best possible way. In fact, a lot of businesses do not understand how social media can help improve their business, so much so that many have not got social media platforms displaying their business. In truth, the majority of companies actually have social media platforms however, they are poorly optimised.

ETYP Marketing will thoroughly audit your business and will always devise a tailored marketing plan specifically for you.

BuildingĀ a strong online presence

ETYP Marketing recognise the opportunity to not only be the first to take action in your industry by building a strong online presence, but also to set up your business to be the best with its marketing strategies. We make sure we educate business owners on all aspects of any marketing projects we are undertaking, whether they are social media, event led or internal changes within their business.

We will audit your current marketing activity before researching, devising and creating a marketing plan that covers your business from top to bottom to help but your products or services in front of the right people.