Social Media

Social media is the number one form of advertising that can engage your brand or business with potential customers and brand ambassadors, locally and internationally.

ETYP can guarantee new customer acquisition and ongoing customer retention whether your business is big or small. Our team of experts create aesthetically appealing social media pages that your business can be proud of, with daily interactions with your community and a brand voice you can be confident in.

ETYP is focused on building a strong social media presence for you and your business. This will be achieved by establishing a tailored social media strategy across all platforms, developing content calendars, bespoke growth optimisation strategies and daily maintenance with monthly reports communicated back to your business to show value in your investment.

Our ultimate goal is to team couple social media management with revenue growth for your business – providing as much direct ROI from our pro-active social media work as possible


Social Media Growth

Growing your online presence and customer base is imperative. We ensure all social media growth is sustainable with relevant follower acquisition. It is important that ETYP make sure the correct target audience view your content and business, whether that be those in the local area, industry specific or valuable brand advocates that will organically promote your business through their engagement.

The ETYP team grow your followers 24/7 with an emphasis placed on each new follower being a future potential customer for your business

Content Generation and Marketing

ETYP help create bespoke content which emotionally touches customers to attract and retain following and engagement. With aims to increase referrals and returning customers also change consumer behaviour, relevant content will be posted consistently by one of our marketeers. The ETYP team offer a unique service with all our social media clients, providing a professional photography service included with every one of our marketing partners.

Outstanding high-resolution imagery and videography will capture your target markets eye, and provides the first visual insight into what your business offers at an industry leading level.


Social PR

Influencer marketing is an online form of word-of-mouth promotion. An effective way to elevate your social media reputation. Differentiating from your established methods of advertising, influencer marketing entails providing content via accounts which your potential target audience will follow like industry experts e.g. food bloggers. This will contribute towards appearing higher in google searches and therefore reach audiences that aren’t in initial range.

The ETYP PR Strategy includes creating viral share campaigns that generate rapid interest and high levels of traffic across your social media pages. These are often aligned with upcoming events or promotions that need to hit a wider audience as quickly as possible.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing aspect of online marketing strategies today. An influencer is a key individual that has authority over a large audience on social media that can attract their community to your business, becoming a brand advocate themselves in the process.

ETYP can ensure effective reach, relevance and resonance for your business as a result of any influencer we place in your business.


24/7 Engagement

It is vital that your company interacts with customers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, customers are accessible via your business’s social media platforms. We are experts in discovering new and effective ways to showcase and expose your product or services to a relevant audience daily, creating conversations about your brand through targeted campaigns which enable our team to access your target market effortlessly day to day.

Be front of mind, all of the time!